Wish List

A Wish List of delicious recipes I have found and (really) want to eat.

apple pie

DIY Apple Pie, by DIY Foods

Wow! That is all.

Malteser Cake Amazing Maltesers Cake, by Taste.com.au

Maltesers are one of my favourite chocolates and this cake looks SO SO SO good!

wish list - Beet saladBeet & Bean Salad, by ALIFEMOMENT

I really like to simplicity of this salad.

polenta-salad-veggie-num-numCrispy Fried Polenta w/ Baby Kale & Slow Roasted Tomatoes, by Veggie Num Num

I haven’t had much luck with polenta in the past, but this salad looks to tasty I think I will give it another shot.

paella-1Veggie Paella w/ Saffron & Orange, by Veggie Num Num

This tasty looking dish makes it on to my wish list because I have never made paella before and would like to try

Brownie Surprise Brownie Surprise, by Mix 106.3 Canberra (post 11 June 2014)

A friend posted this picture on to my Facebook page – it looks so good. The idea of biting into a brownie and getting an unknown chocolate bar sounds amazing!

Make 2 boxes of brownies as directed. Spread half into a pan. Layer with mini chocolate bars. Spread the rest of the mix over the chocolate bars and bake for about 45 minutes on 180’. Then cut into small pieces. Yum! #Browniepoints

cheesymite scrollsCheesymite Scrolls by I am obsessed with food

Yum! I think I can adapt this recipe to a sourdough version. Can’t wait to try making it.


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