Campfire Stew

A friend of mine, Chun, is looking to build an earthship home, meaning a bush house made from recycled and/or natural materials which is disconnected from the grid. Ro who lives down the NSW south coast has one such home and kindly offered to host us for a night and to answer all Chun’s questions.

This gave me an excellent opportunity to experiment with campfire cooking. I made smoky eggplant dip, charred capsicum slices, campfire stew and roasted veggies. This post is about the delicious, amazing campfire stew.



Mushroom & Olive Pizza

Pizza is loved the world over. What I love about homemade pizza is that you can tailor it to suit your mood. Feeling hungover? Add extra cheese. Want something healthy? Use a wholemeal base and limit the cheese. This post is about the tasty mushroom and olive pizza my housemate made recently. (more…)