Easy Mushroom Soup

I love soup. Broth soups are quick, easy and really tasty. For this soup I used three varieties of dried mushrooms, wakami (dried seaweed) and soba noodles. (more…)


Dumpling Soup

During winter I tend to hibernate under a blanket waiting impatiently for late spring to arrive (in Canberra early spring may as well be winter!), particularly during the week.

Being able to make my weeknight evening meal within 15 minutes is important. As is making sure it is warming and nutritious. Soup definitely fits this bill and one of my favourites is miso soup. I love that you can add so many different things to Miso Soup. This blog post is about Miso Dumpling Soup. (more…)

Healthy Hearty Veggie Soup

Winter means soup. As a child my mum use to spend the weekend making big batches of soup. She spent days making her own chicken and ham hock stocks and kept us warm during the cold winter months.

This vegetable soup on the other hand only takes 30 minutes to cook and will fill you nutrients. Perfect to keep a cold at bay or to recover from too much partying! (more…)