Spaghetti Bolognaise

One of the few pasta dishes I remember my mum making was spaghetti bolognaise. I have never been a big pasta eater, but spag bog is definitely one of my favourites perhaps because of the childhood memories.

This spag bog is vegetarian and made using mushroom mince, Quorn, instead of minced meat. It uses a combination of spices including smoked paprika and bay leaves to ensure a beautiful depth of flavour. (more…)


Mushroom Risotto

Rich red wines are frequently cited as pairing well with rich red meats, like a good quality steak. But what about the vegos out there, we still like rich red wines so what should we cook to go with a delicious big red wine? Mushrooms.

The rich earthy flavours of mushrooms, particularly porcini, combined with the buttery texture of risotto make it a great dish to match with a big red wine. (more…)

Six litres of pesto

In 2009 I worked in a pub in Adelaide with Vicki the Greek Goddess. Vicki was loud, outrageous and a hell of a lot of fun. She was also an amazing gardener.

One day Vicki was complaining about all the gardening she had to do, including pruning the basil, which she described as a hedge. I didn’t believe her about the hedge of basil, but nevertheless my mind jumped straight to pesto. (more…)