Homemade Fruit & Nut Muesli

Homemade muesli absolutely trumps the store bought stuff. Store bought muesli invariably has something in it that you don’t particularly like – for me that’s sultanas.

Making your own muesli means putting in all the good stuff. What are your favourite muesli fillers? (more…)


Pear & Chocolate Tart

Recently while chopping pears to stew I got an urge to bake a pear tart. I had thought this would simply involve premade pastry and slices of pear. When I went hunting in the blogosphere I discovered that pear tarts are actually a little bit fancy. I settled on making a chocolate and pear tart as it sounded delicious and with a few tweaks I had all the ingredients. (more…)

English Dinner: Spotted Dick

Puddings are common in England, think Christmas pudding, bread and butter pudding or sticky date pudding.

Recently a couple of friends and I had a big English cook up. This feast was finished with spotted dick, a steamed English pudding containing dried fruit, and custard. I had never eaten this pudding before and making it also gave me a legitimate reason to use profanity on my blog. (more…)

Stewed Apples

Stewed apples are tasty and versatile – have them on their own with yoghurt or ice-cream, add them to porridge or make apple pie. Mmm pie!

It is super easy to stew apples and by making them yourself you can avoid all the unnecessary added sugar.

There is an apple stall at my local farmers market and in the far corner of the stall are the cheap juicing apples. These are perfect for stewing and cheap! (more…)

Cranberry & Apricot Fruit Bread

Fruit bread makes a quick, easy and tasty breakfast, it is especially tasty when smothered with butter or coconut oil and honey. Mmm, delicious!

The problem I face is I can’t eat commercial baker’s yeast and that more or less rules out being able to eat bought fruit bread. Luckily, I love cooking and cooking new things I haven’t tried to make before. (more…)

Finger lime & cranberry salad

My friend Sol and I hit the local farmers market a few weeks ago where we found finger limes to be in season. Unfortunately, I completely forgot I had bought them. luckily and despite the iffy outer skin, the little burst of lime in the middle were still juicy and delicious. I used them in an amazing brown rice salad with feta, cranberries, sweet potatoes, baby spinach and slivered almonds. (more…)

Herman the German Friendship Cake

It appears that chain letters have evolved… into friendship cakes. My housemate Amrita was recently given ‘Herman, The German Friendship Cake’. It is a sourdough culture that you grow and divide.

You use one quarter to make the cake and give the rest to three friends to continue the chain. Weird? Yes! I thought it would make an interesting blog post though. (more…)