Chocolate Honeycomb

I really like honeycomb, it is light, crunchy and sweet. Honeycomb is good plain, but it is great coated in chocolate!

I have previously published posts about honeycomb and tempering chocolate. This post brings them together to make dark chocolate coated honeycomb pieces and a milk chocolate honeycomb block. (more…)


Pear & Chocolate Tart

Recently while chopping pears to stew I got an urge to bake a pear tart. I had thought this would simply involve premade pastry and slices of pear. When I went hunting in the blogosphere I discovered that pear tarts are actually a little bit fancy. I settled on making a chocolate and pear tart as it sounded delicious and with a few tweaks I had all the ingredients. (more…)

OMG Choc Orange Brownies

My housemate Simone is a health nut – food and exercise. But every so often she gets strange food cravings which must be acted upon. This time it was for orange and chocolate brownies.

Simone adapted a recipe found in my Haighs cookbook. Haighs is a South Australian chocolate maker and the chocolate is so good that if someone from my work visits SA, NSW or Victoria (they have shops in Sydney and Melbourne) they are only welcomed back if they bring Haighs with them! (more…)