Herman the German Friendship Cake

It appears that chain letters have evolved… into friendship cakes. My housemate Amrita was recently given ‘Herman, The German Friendship Cake’. It is a sourdough culture that you grow and divide.

You use one quarter to make the cake and give the rest to three friends to continue the chain. Weird? Yes! I thought it would make an interesting blog post though. (more…)


Mohnstreusel kuchen (Poppy seed crumble cake)

Guest post by my housemate Simone

Poppy seed cakes are the centre of my childhood memories. As I grew up I came to realise poppy seed cakes, and they’re glorious variations, were a part of every German child’s favourite memories. This post is about Mohnstreuseul Kuchen, or poppy seed crumble cake. (more…)