Tasty desserts and sweet treats

Chocolate Honeycomb

I really like honeycomb, it is light, crunchy and sweet. Honeycomb is good plain, but it is great coated in chocolate!

I have previously published posts about honeycomb and tempering chocolate. This post brings them together to make dark chocolate coated honeycomb pieces and a milk chocolate honeycomb block. (more…)


Pear & Chocolate Tart

Recently while chopping pears to stew I got an urge to bake a pear tart. I had thought this would simply involve premade pastry and slices of pear. When I went hunting in the blogosphere I discovered that pear tarts are actually a little bit fancy. I settled on making a chocolate and pear tart as it sounded delicious and with a few tweaks I had all the ingredients. (more…)

English Dinner: Spotted Dick

Puddings are common in England, think Christmas pudding, bread and butter pudding or sticky date pudding.

Recently a couple of friends and I had a big English cook up. This feast was finished with spotted dick, a steamed English pudding containing dried fruit, and custard. I had never eaten this pudding before and making it also gave me a legitimate reason to use profanity on my blog. (more…)