Tasty things to nibble on

Tamari Pepitas

I am a snacker. Awareness of snacking habits is important, without awareness it is easy to way too much chocolate or cheese and crackers!

I mainly snack when I am bored or procrastinating. I am aware that during these times I am rarely actually hungry, I am just eating either for something to do or to avoid doing something else. To make sure my snacking stays under control during these times, and others, I like to make my own snacks, such as tamari pepitas, or pumpkin seeds, which are delicious. They are also cheap and easy to make. (more…)


Char Grilled Capsicum

A couple of weeks ago I headed out for a fancy dinner with my housemates. One of the dishes we had was a buffalo mozzarella salad served with one of the best dressings I think I have ever had – smoky balsamic reduction. This got me craving other smoky flavours.

Since the fancy dinner with the amazing smoky balsamic I have kept up the smokiness by experimenting with campfire cooking, including making char grilled capsicum. (more…)

English Dinner: Yorkshire Pudding

In case the name didn’t give it away, Yorkshire puddings are a British thing. Small muffin sized puddings, they are typically served as a side dish to roasts and are particularly good at mopping up gravy. They are quick, easy to make and delicious – they taste like savoury donuts. Yum!

My housemate Simone and friend Nat recently got together for an English feast. Having lived in England for ten years Nat was pretty excited about our dinner, especially because it gave her a great reason to make Yorkshire puddings. (more…)

Wasabi Seaweed Chips

Have you ever heard of nori? Nori are the seaweed sheets sushi is made from and I was amazed when I learnt earlier this year that they can also be used to make delicious chips. Like many snacks I enjoy, I wanted to learn how to make them myself.

I looked up a few recipes for wasabi nori chips, my favourite flavour, and discovered they are surprisingly easy to make. (more…)

Purple Kale Chips

Curly kale comes in purple! Everyone at the farmers market on Saturday seemed to be walking around with a bunch of purple kale. I was jealous and made my housemates trudge around the market until I found the illusive purple kale stall. I jumped on that bandwagon and bought a bunch! I also bought some curly green kale so my I could make multi-coloured kale chips. (more…)

Delicious Dumplings

Dumplings are delicious, but they are a pain to make. Homemade dumplings are so good they are completely worth making! My favourite dumplings are shitake mushroom and tofu.

Making vegetarian dumplings is a bit of work, you have to finely chop all the ingredients, fry them in a pan with ginger, spring onion, and various sauces and then assemble the dumplings. For this reason I tend to make a big batch so that I only have to do it every few months.

The first time I made dumplings I invited a couple of friends over and my housemate Amrita got in on the action too. I HIGHLY recommend doing this. The more people there are the less you have to do! (more…)