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Simple salads, light meals and snacks

BBB Salad (beetroot, beans and Bulgarian feta)

The weather is warming up and that means it is time for delicious salads. This beetroot, bean and Bulgarian feta salad is ideal for spring – the veggies are from winter, but served as a salad they are light and fresh like summer. (more…)


Campfire Veggies

For me one of the best parts of having a campfire is cooking veggies in the coals. I have fond childhood memories of wrapping potatoes in alfoil and burying them in the hot coals of our beach bonfire on mild summer nights at the shack.

Recently I headed down the NSW south coast to visit Ro. Ro’s place is like a sanctuary away from city life – it is peaceful, surrounded by bushland and off the grid. Ro does a lot of cooking by campfire and I was keen to do so as well. (more…)

Asian Beetroot Salad

My housemate loves making Asian salads. The combination of salty, sweet and spicy flavours are always well balanced and moreish. I have been inspired by her dishes, but until now too timid to have a go creating my own version.

Recently I headed out for lunch with a colleague, we were just picking up some take away. While waiting for her order I spotted a tasty looking carrot and noodle salad. Although I didn’t get it I was inspired by it.

This post is about my foray into Asian salad making. (more…)

Beetroot Sashimi

Turns out vegos can enjoy sashimi too – beetroot sashimi. I am under no illusions that this is not sashimi and will in no way resemble the raw fish delicacy that many omnivores enjoy. Having said that, the recipe I stumbled across included cured beetroot, goats cheese and mint, it sounded delicious and I wanted to give it a go. (more…)

English Dinner: Yorkshire Pudding

In case the name didn’t give it away, Yorkshire puddings are a British thing. Small muffin sized puddings, they are typically served as a side dish to roasts and are particularly good at mopping up gravy. They are quick, easy to make and delicious – they taste like savoury donuts. Yum!

My housemate Simone and friend Nat recently got together for an English feast. Having lived in England for ten years Nat was pretty excited about our dinner, especially because it gave her a great reason to make Yorkshire puddings. (more…)

English Dinner: Nut Roast & Potatoes

Last year for my Birthday I had a ‘best of winter’ themed party with soups, roast, mulled wine and so on. My friend Nat baked a nut roast, it was delicious and since then my housemate Simone has longingly reminisced about it on several occasions.

We decided it was time to act and invited Nat around for an English feast – nut roast with gravy; roast potatoes; Yorkshire pudding; mushy mint peas; and spotted dick with custard. (more…)

Dumpling Soup

During winter I tend to hibernate under a blanket waiting impatiently for late spring to arrive (in Canberra early spring may as well be winter!), particularly during the week.

Being able to make my weeknight evening meal within 15 minutes is important. As is making sure it is warming and nutritious. Soup definitely fits this bill and one of my favourites is miso soup. I love that you can add so many different things to Miso Soup. This blog post is about Miso Dumpling Soup. (more…)