About the Melting Stockpot


The Melting Stockpot, where food comes together is a blog about cooking and the trials and errors of attempting new dishes. It aims to provide readers with the inspiration to try to cook new dishes and to be creative with their cooking.

Most dishes on The Melting Stockpot are healthy, simple and vegetarian, many are also gluten free or vegan. There will of course be the occasional omnivore delight, culinary challenge and unhealthy temptation.


About the blogger

Penfolds Grange Tour @ the Magill Estate. An amazing chrissie present from my aunty.

Jennifer Lawrence

I am passionate about fresh food and challenging myself to cook new things.

My style of cooking is to look at several recipes to find out key ingredients and processes and to use this information to guide my cooking. Cooking is not an exact science and people have different flavour preferences. The most important thing is about understanding what you like and learning to alter dishes to suit your preferences.

I started this blog because people kept asking what I put in my cooking and how I made particular dishes. Having a food blog has really encouraged me to diversify my cooking, to use new ingredients and to try different methods of cooking. I have found it inspirational.



Location: Canberra, Australia

Email: jml.jen@gmail.com

Twitter: @meltingstockpot





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