Char Grilled Capsicum

A couple of weeks ago I headed out for a fancy dinner with my housemates. One of the dishes we had was a buffalo mozzarella salad served with one of the best dressings I think I have ever had – smoky balsamic reduction. This got me craving other smoky flavours.

Since the fancy dinner with the amazing smoky balsamic I have kept up the smokiness by experimenting with campfire cooking, including making char grilled capsicum.

I am not usually a big fan of capsicum, but a sweet orange capsicum grilled on a campfire is surprisingly tasty.

Ingredient: 1 capsicum

Equipment: chopping board, knife, campfire, wire rack


  1. Build your campfire and place the wire rack over the fire. Pierce the capsicum with a fork and put on the wire rack to grill until black.
  2. Scrape off the burnt outer of the capsicum, remove the centre and slice.

01 start

02 scrape

03 slice pic page

04 serve


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