Tempering Chocolate

My name is Jen and I am a chocoholic. I have experimented with chocolate for many years, from simple moulds, to truffles and pralines, to piped butterflies and more. Until now however, I have never tempered chocolate. So why did I finally decide to give it a go? Chocolate blocks decorated with fancy toppings, such as cranberries and slivered almonds, make great presents, but the last few times I have attempted to make them the chocolate has bloomed making it go white and spotty. Tempering chocolate stops this from happening.

When you buy chocolate from the shops it has already been tempered, that is why it is shiny and snaps when you break it. Melting the chocolate releases the cocoa butter crystals, if you let chocolate set without tempering it again there is a good chance it will bloom.

To temper milk chocolate:

  1. Heat 2/3rds of the chocolate to 45 degrees Celsius (40 white choc, 45 dark choc)
  2. Remove from the heat, add the remaining chocolate, stir until it melts and the chocolate cools to 26 degrees Celsius (25 white choc, 27 dark choc)
  3. Reheat to 29 degrees Celsius (28 white choc, 32 dark choc). Your chocolate is now tempered and ready to use

To make sure your chocolate has been tempered properly do a spot test – thinly spread a spoonful of chocolate on greaseproof paper and all it to cool. If it is shiny and smooth it is tempered, if it is dull or streaky it has not been tempered correctly.

01 choc

02 first melt

03 heat to 45

04 add the rest


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