Beetroot Dip

My house is one of dip and cheese, you will always find both in the fridge and between my housemates and I we certainly eat a lot of both. Simone and I often make dips from scratch including this roasted beetroot dip.

To make this dip you will need to peel, chop and roast four medium sized beetroots. Before roasting we sprinkled the beetroot with zataar and chilli powder and added garlic and olive oil.

01 beetroot

Once the beetroot has roasted and cooled add it to a food processor with 100g Danish fetta, 2 tablespoons natural yoghurt, 1 tablespoon tahini, the juice of one lemon, salt, olive oil and a splash of water.

02 dip pic page

Ingredients: 4 beetroot, zataar, chilli powder, olive oil, garlic, 100g Danish fetta, 2T natural yoghurt, 1T tahini, juice of one lemon

Equipment: chopping board and knife, oven tray and oven, food processor


  1. Peel and chop four beetroot; before roasting sprinkle with zataar and chilli and add garlic and olive oil
  2. Puree the roasted beetroot with fetta, yoghurt, tahini, the juice of one lemon, olive oil, salt and a splash of water

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