Stewed Apples

Stewed apples are tasty and versatile – have them on their own with yoghurt or ice-cream, add them to porridge or make apple pie. Mmm pie!

It is super easy to stew apples and by making them yourself you can avoid all the unnecessary added sugar.

There is an apple stall at my local farmers market and in the far corner of the stall are the cheap juicing apples. These are perfect for stewing and cheap!

01 applesThe quantity of apples you stew is entirely up to you. I like to do a few kilograms at a time.

Start by dicing the apples and discarding the core. I don’t remove the skin, but you can if you want to. As you go put the apples in a saucepan.

02 diceSprinkle the apples with cinnamon, nutmeg and mixed spice (or whatever spices you have on hand) and add one cup of water. Bring the apples to the boil, then simmer and reduce.

03 cookServe as you wish

04 apples and yoghurt

05 apple pie

Ingredients: apples and cinnamon (and/or mixed spice, nutmeg, cloves, etc)

Equipment: chopping board, knife, saucepan


  1. Dice the apples, putting the flesh in the saucepan and discarding the core
  2. In the saucepan, stew the apples with cinnamon and 1 cup of water until the apples are cooked and the liquid has evaporated. (the amount of water and the time you need to cook the apples will vary on the quantity you are making).

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