Mini Stuffed Potatoes

My housemate Amrita invited me to a winter solstice lecture and gallery showing at the National Library recently. The astronomy lecture was fascinating, the long exposure photographs amazing and the mini stuffed potatoes delectable. As this is a food blog, I will limit the post to the potatoes.

Stuffed potatoes are easy and delicious. Mini stuffed potatoes are equally delicious and make fantastic finger food or side dishes.

Last weekend a few friends came over for what turned out to be quite the feast because I have no concept of portion size and get carried away with food ideas. Amrita helped me with the preparations by making the mini stuffed potatoes. Thanks Amrita.

The version we had at the National Library appropriately used baby chat potatoes, the perfect size for finger food. The supermarket didn’t have any of these, so we used normal potatoes cut in half.

01 potatoesAmrita baked the potatoes until they were soft. While the potatoes were baking she finely chopped fake bacon (which I refer to as facon) and pan fried until crispy. She also finely chopped sundried tomatoes.

When the potatoes were soft Amrita scooped out the middle and filled them with sundried tomatoes and facon, topped with cheese and grilled (broiled) in the oven until golden. Delicious.

Pic 02: stuffing

02 stuffingOutcome: delicious! These will definitely be made again.

03 cooked pic pageIngredients: potatoes, sundried tomatoes, facon and cheese

Equipment: chopping boards, knife, frypan, oven tray, alfoil and oven


  1. Bake the potatoes (if the potatoes are large, cut them in half)
  2. Finely chop the facon and pan fry
  3. Finely chop the sundried tomatoes
  4. Once the potatoes are soft, remove from the oven, scoop out the middle and stuff with facon and sundried tomato. Top with cheese and grill until golden.


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