Cake decorating – butterflies

Beautiful cakes taste better! There, I said it. The visual allure of a beautifully decorated cake somehow makes it taste better.

I am not a big cake baker. I usually use a packet mix with a few additions, for example extra cocoa in a chocolate cake, and put my effort into decorating the cake.

A colleague recently returned to work after a month of holidays in the US with her family. This colleague has a wicked sense of humour and can take any innocent comment below the belt.

In honour of this talent I had intended use my alphabet mould to spell innuendo in white chocolate letters on a long round dark chocolate log cake.

Unfortunately, after I had bought all the ingredients I discovered I have lost the chocolate mould.

I hit Google in search of chocolate cake decorating techniques. I wanted to cover the dark chocolate cake in large white chocolate curls and dark chocolate butterflies.

1. Chocolate curls

large chocolate curls

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

I put a thin later of chocolate on my stone benchtop, waited for it to dry and then used a sharp knife at a 45 degree angle to create the curls.

My chocolate curls were a fail! I just ended up with white chocolate flakes.

My housemate’s friend Em was over and suggested making white chocolate shards instead. To make the shards I spread white chocolate on baking paper, rolled it into a cylinder and placed it in the freezer. Once the chocolate has set unroll it, as you do this it will break into shards.

2. Chocolate butterflies


Source: everything old crafts

I have never made chocolate butterflies and I was pleasantly surprised with how easy they were and how awesome they turned out.

I didn’t take pictures whilst making them, but here is the blog I followed:

Decorating the cake

The packet cake mix I used came with frosting. Win!

I spread the white chocolate flake on the bench and then covered the sides of the cake with a thin layer of frosting. Holding on to the top and the bottom of the cake I rotated the sides on the benchtop to cover them with chocolate flakes.

I then spread a thick layer of frosting on top and added more chocolate flakes. I then added the white chocolate shards and finished by attaching the butterflies. I used a small dob of chocolate on the underneath of the butterfly to hold it to the cake.


Welcome back Sharon!

Cake baking tip: If containers aren’t labelled, check the sugar is actually sugar. Once I accidently used salt instead of sugar in a lemon meringue pie. It looked amazing, but was completely inedible!



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