Awesome Avo Dip

Being able to whip up a quick and easy dip is, in my opinion, a vital skill. This avocado dip is about as easy as it comes.

Three ingredients – avocado, lemon juice and salt – is all you need to make this simple and tasty dip.

1 avo

Scoop out the avocado flesh into a bowl, then use a fork to mash with lemon juice and salt. The amount of lemon juice and salt you use will vary depending on your personal tastes.

2 mushServe with carrot sticks, or crackers, or whatever takes your fancy. This dip is delicious served with blue cheese.


Ingredients: avocado, lemon juice, salt

Equipment: Fork and bowl

Steps: use a fork to mix all ingredients together


Want to make more dips? Try Easy Hummus.



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