Easy Hummus

Hummus is delicious and healthy. Have you ever tried to make your own? It is super easy and there are so many varieties you can make.

You will need a tin of chickpeas, olive oil and salt. Other ingredients will help, but fundamentally hummus is these three ingredients. My housemate disagrees and adds tahini (sesame seed paste) to the must include list.

If I am eating hummus at home, I like to add a generous amount of garlic. If I’m eating it around others or at work, I skip the garlic.

For me, chilli is a key ingredient. This time I added chilli flakes and powdered chilli. I also added tahini and cumin.

To start, strain the chickpeas (keep the liquid, you will need some of it). Put the chickpeas, garlic, salt, olive oil, chilli, tahini and half the chickpea liquid into a blender and pulse until smooth.

DSC00205When I serve my hummus I love to add a dollop of harissa. Harissa is a tasty chilli paste and goes oh so well with hummus.

harissaDelicious with fresh snow peas.


Ingredients: chickpeas, salt, olive oil (garlic, chilli, tahini and harissa)

Equipment: Blender


  1. Put all ingredients (except harrisa) in blender, pulse until combined
  2. Serve with a generous dollop of harissa and snow peas


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