Toasted Sandwiches

Toasted cheese sandwiches are amazing. Wholegrain mustard and cheese toasted sandwiches are even more amazing! This post is dedicated to the delicious toasties my housemate Amrita made the other night.

As an 18 year old wholegrain mustard and cheese toasties were my go to 3am drunk food on a Friday or Saturday (sometimes both) night. I remember them blurrily, but fondly.

toastieTurns out Amrita’s favourite toastie is also wholegrain mustard and cheese. Hers are fancier though with the inclusion camembert, English spinach and cherry tomatoes.

WGM toastieAs with pizza, there are so many options for toastie fillings. The other night we had cheddar, camembert, ash blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, English spinach and, of course, wholegrain mustard.

DSC00164Although I am unable to eat normal bread because I am intolerant to commercial baker’s yeast, I didn’t miss out on delicious toasties. I made sourdough bread last weekend and was able to use one of the rolls.

sourdough toastie

Ingredients: bread, butter, cheese, wholegrain mustard and other fillings

Equipment: knife, chopping board, sandwich press (or jaffle iron)


  1. Butter two slices of bread and put butter side down on a chopping board
  2. Spread wholegrain mustard on one slice, top with cheese and other fillings, sandwich with the second slice of bread (butter-side up)
  3. Toast in the toastie machine until golden and delicious!


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