Frenchie Crepes

I signed up as a Couchsurfing host late last year. Our second surfers were a lovely French couple, Camille and Jeremy, to say thank you for hosting they cooked my housemates and I delicious French crepes.

The crepes I make are very simple – flour, egg and milk. There are two versions of crepes in France, one for sweet crepes and another for savoury. Sweet crepes contain butter, sugar and milk and are made to have with sweet toppings such as jam or nutella. Savoury crepes, on the other hand, are simply buckwheat flour and water and they are eaten with salty toppings such as eggs, cheese, ham, and tomatoes. Camille and Jeremy made us sweet crepes.

To make the crepes, measure out two and a half cups the flour.

P1040732Make a hole in the flour add 3 eggs, 3 big spoons of sugar and 50g of melted butter.

crepesMix, mix, mix. Mix it slowly. Whilst mixing, slowly add 300mL of milk.

mix mix mixCooking the crepes – make sure the frypan is very hot. Add some mixture to the frypan, tilt the pan in circular movements to thinly spread the mixture. Cook until browned on both sides.

crepes - mixingServe with your favourite toppings. I like nutella and banana.

crepes - Finished

The outcome: The crepes were delicious. Crepes, or pancakes as I more commonly call them, are a treat that I rarely indulge myself with but very much enjoy when I do.

Ingredients: 2.5 cups of plain flour, 3 eggs, 3 spoons of sugar, 50g butter, 300mL milk

Equipment: bowl, whisk, scales, measuring cup, frypan and spatula


  1. Place the flour in the bowl and make a hollow in the middle
  2. Add the eggs, then the sugar and melted butter
  3. Stir the mixture slowly adding the milk
  4. Into a hot frypan add some of the crepe mixture, tilt the frypan to create a thin even crepe. Cook until browned on both sides
  5. Serve with your favourite topping

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