Pizza Week: Leftover Toppings

The thing about making lots of pizzas is that you inevitably end up with lots of different random ingredients chopped up and needing to be used. The last one, or the final pizza, is a mismatch of ingredients where you are hoping for the best. One word for this experiment – CHEESE.

This was certainly true for the last pizza made at a recent pizza night with my friends.


Pizza night with friends

Lucy made it her mission use up everything that was left. This included mushrooms, tomato, capsicum, olives, basil, baby spinach and at least half a kilo of cheese!

The pizza was piled high with veggies, cheese and more cheese. As it cooked in the oven and the cheese melted, it went everywhere. It was like a cheese soup!

The remaining ingredients, lots of cheese!

The remaining ingredients, lots of cheese!

Ingredients: pizza base, tomato paste, all the remaining ingredients

Equipment: chopping board, knife, oven tray, oven


  1. Spread pizza base with tomato paste
  2. Top with ingredients
  3. Cook at 170 degrees Celsius until golden (or your oven is covered in cheese and you can’t handle it anymore!)




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