Pizza Week: Ham & Kale

I may not be of the omnivore persuasion, but I do appreciate a meal which takes leftovers and excess ingredients and turns them into something delicious (or so I was told, I didn’t try the pizza).

Recently I was making pizzas with my friend Sol for his mum, aunt and cousin. Despite being the only herbivore amongst the group, the others were happy for predominately vego pizzas, but they did have some leftover ham from lunch that needed to be used.

In addition to the leftover ham, there was a lot of kale to use and a few slices of tomato remaining after making the margarita pizza.

Curly leaf kale


I’m not going to lie, the omnivores were new to kale and naturally a tad apprehensive about having it on a pizza. Having said that, they were also excited to give it a try having just tasted their first kale chips.

The pizza was very simple – tomato paste, ham, kale, tomato and cheese – and from all reports very tasty.

ham and kale pizza

Ham & kale pizza ready to be baked

Ingredients: Pizza base (try making your own Sourdough Pizza Base), tomato paste, ham off the bone, kale, tomato and mozzarella

Equipment: oven tray and oven


  1. Cover the pizza with tomato paste and a this layer of cheese.
  2. Add tomato, ham, kale and more cheese
  3. Bake

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