Pizza Week: Mushroom Pizza

This week is Pizza Week at The Melting Stockpot. Yesterday we posted about making sourdough pizza bases and today is dedicated to mushrooms.

Mushrooms are amazing – there are so many varieties, colours, shapes and levels of toxicity. And, they are delicious!

Right now it is mushroom season in Australia’s south-east, this was very evident on a recent trip to the NSW South Coast. On a short bushwalk we found so many different varieties. My favourite was the one that turned blue when you broke the stalk off!

The awesome multi-coloured mushroom

My favourite mushroom from the bushwalk

Other mushrooms we found on the bushwalk

Other mushrooms found on the bushwalk

Although tempting, we did not forage for mushrooms to put on our mushroom pizza. Instead we stuck with the known and safe button mushroom. Our pizza also included fresh tomato and olives.

Delicious mushroom pizza

Delicious mushroom pizza

Whilst down the NSW South Coast I stayed with Ro, my friend’s mum. Ro had recently built an outdoor pizza oven and this is what we used to cook the mushroom pizza.

Cooking the mushroom pizza in Ro's new pizza oven

Cooking the mushroom pizza in Ro’s new pizza oven

Ingredients: Pizza base (to make your own see Petrie’s First Sourdough Pizza Base), tomato paste, fresh tomatoes, olives, mushrooms and mozzarella

Equipment: Oven tray and pizza oven (or a normal oven)


  1. Spread tomato paste and a thin layer of cheese on the pizza base
  2. Slice the olives, tomatoes and mushrooms and spread evenly over the pizza
  3. Top with cheese and bake

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