Sourdough crumpets

Crumpets are delicious. For me they also hold nostalgic memories of long family breakfasts during school holidays.

Yesterday my housemate, Simone, got very excited about the prospect of making our own sourdough crumpets. This would be a first attempt for both of us.

Simone and I each have a sourdough culture. Simone’s, known as Speckle (on the left below), is a rye and spelt culture which she started in June 2013. Mine, Petrie (on the right below), is a white flour culture which was kindly donated by a local bakery so I could make yeast-free pizza dough.

Speckle (left) and Petrie (right)

Speckle (left) and Petrie (right)

Bread needs yeast to rise. Most bakeries and home bread cooks use commercial yeast as it is easy and the dough rises quickly. You can also cultivate the wild yeast in the air to make bread – this is known as sourdough.

For me, I opt for sourdough because I have an intolerance to commercial baker’s yeast. For my housemate, it is so she can make traditional German style breads which are not available in Canberra.

Making your own sourdough is easy; all you need is flour, water and patience. There are numerous websites dedicated to making your own sourdough culture and bread products. In my opinion many of these over complicate the process. I have just had a quick look at a few and The Kitchn appears to be quite straight-forward.

Back to making crumpets. Making sourdough crumpets was surprisingly easy and, amazingly, they tasted just like crumpets. I’m not sure why this surprised me so much, but it did!

We followed the recipe on Chocolate & Zucchini,

The recipe we followed

The recipe we followed

You will need one cup of sourdough culture, one teaspoon of sugar, half teaspoon of salt, and one teaspoon of bi-carb soda (also known as baking soda). You will also need a bowl, egg rings, a frypan and oil for greasing.

To make crumpets, mix the sourdough, sugar and salt in the bowl; heat a well oiled frypan and egg rings; add the bicarb soda to the sourdough mixture and spoon into the egg rings.

Cooking sourdough crumpets

Cooking sourdough crumpets

But be careful not to overfill the egg rings or this may happen.

What happens when you overfill the egg rings

What happens when you overfill the egg rings

Gently separate the egg ring from the crumpet and remove. Flip the crumpet and cook until golden on top.

Delicious crumpets

Delicious crumpets

Serve with your choice of toppings. My favourites are ricotta and honey, and butter.

Enjoy with your favourite toppings

Enjoy with your favourite toppings

The outcome: Easy and delicious! I will definitely make these again.

Comments on the first time: I was lucky I filled my egg rings with just the right amount of sourdough mixture. My housemate, to my amusement, didn’t and learnt the hard way what happens if you over fill them.

Ingredients: 1C sourdough culture, 1t sugar, 0.5t salt, 1t bi-carb soda (also known as baking soda)

Equipment: bowl, spoon, frypan, egg rings


  1. Mix sourdough, sugar and salt
  2. Oil and heat frypan and egg rings
  3. Add bi-carb soda to sourdough mixture and spoon into egg rings
  4. Separate egg ring and crumpet, remove the egg ring and flip the crumpet, cook until golden.


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