Bel’s Stuffed Zucchini

Last time I was in Melbourne I stayed with my friend Bel. Bel has always been a great cook and has recently started look at ways to make her meaty dishes vego. Or, it may have just been because I was visiting, either way, win!

Bel’s stuffed zucchinis are usually made with mince meat. On this occasion we used vegetarian mince and added grated veggies. (more…)


BBB Salad (beetroot, beans and Bulgarian feta)

The weather is warming up and that means it is time for delicious salads. This beetroot, bean and Bulgarian feta salad is ideal for spring – the veggies are from winter, but served as a salad they are light and fresh like summer. (more…)

Tamari Pepitas

I am a snacker. Awareness of snacking habits is important, without awareness it is easy to way too much chocolate or cheese and crackers!

I mainly snack when I am bored or procrastinating. I am aware that during these times I am rarely actually hungry, I am just eating either for something to do or to avoid doing something else. To make sure my snacking stays under control during these times, and others, I like to make my own snacks, such as tamari pepitas, or pumpkin seeds, which are delicious. They are also cheap and easy to make. (more…)

Campfire Veggies

For me one of the best parts of having a campfire is cooking veggies in the coals. I have fond childhood memories of wrapping potatoes in alfoil and burying them in the hot coals of our beach bonfire on mild summer nights at the shack.

Recently I headed down the NSW south coast to visit Ro. Ro’s place is like a sanctuary away from city life – it is peaceful, surrounded by bushland and off the grid. Ro does a lot of cooking by campfire and I was keen to do so as well. (more…)

Char Grilled Capsicum

A couple of weeks ago I headed out for a fancy dinner with my housemates. One of the dishes we had was a buffalo mozzarella salad served with one of the best dressings I think I have ever had – smoky balsamic reduction. This got me craving other smoky flavours.

Since the fancy dinner with the amazing smoky balsamic I have kept up the smokiness by experimenting with campfire cooking, including making char grilled capsicum. (more…)

Campfire Stew

A friend of mine, Chun, is looking to build an earthship home, meaning a bush house made from recycled and/or natural materials which is disconnected from the grid. Ro who lives down the NSW south coast has one such home and kindly offered to host us for a night and to answer all Chun’s questions.

This gave me an excellent opportunity to experiment with campfire cooking. I made smoky eggplant dip, charred capsicum slices, campfire stew and roasted veggies. This post is about the delicious, amazing campfire stew.